Necessary Evil Alien Update

NE_Aliens_Update_Cover_5ibThose sinister v’sori trapped your Necessary Evil: Breakout  in the limbo of game development, but hopefully only for a week more!

While you’re waiting, though, we have a free release for you, the Aliens Update for Necessary Evil (the first).  The original Necessary Evil used its own super powers system—the first one we created, in fact. Necessary Evil: Breakout uses the far more recent Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion. For those of you who want to play the original Necessary Evil, this supplement updates the k’tharen, v’sori, and their vehicles.

Check out Necessary Evil: Aliens Update today for a sneak peek at some of the changes in store for your heroes, and watch this space for more on Necessary Evil: Breakout!


Minis from the West Invading Your Tabletop

Stone and Cackler MiniatuiresFret no more, amigo—we’ve got miniatures ready (or almost ready) for whatever version of the West your gang is takin’ on!

Sixth Gun RPG Miniatures and Stone/Cackler Miniatures are both ready for preorder right now! Stake your claim on Weird Wests Past, and have your minis shipped to you as soon as they’re ready to go.

If you’re more interested in the Wasted West, you might want to check out our Hell on Earth Miniatures. All of our product pictures have been updated with painted versions from Twisted Painting in the UK, and they’re willing to tackle your painting, too.

Focus on the little things in life, and get yourself some miniatures today!

The Cackler, Part 2, Loose on the World!

Cackler Issue 2It’s a good day to be a backer of the Cackler Graphic Novel Kickstarter! For you fine folks, the entire issue of The Cackler, Part 2 has been made available in the latest Kickstarter Update, which is visible only to backers. Folks with the digital rewards will also be getting codes to download the file at DriveThruComics, too.

Get a look at what a Deadland—a place totally terrorformed by fear—looks like as envisioned by legendary artist Bart Sears in that backers-only Update and on our posts at Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Catch the Kickstarter Updates for more details, and start looking forward to Part 3!

Join John Goff at PAX Prime This Weekend

Savage Worlds at a Convention Near YouOur own John Goff will be at PAX Prime in Seattle on Sunday, August 30. He’ll be signing at the Uncle’s Games booth from 4:00-5:00 pm. He’ll even be surrounded by copies of some of his (and our) really cool stuff, including Deadlands Noir, Leviathan, Grim Prairie Trails, and the Hell on Earth Companion.

If nothing else, please drop by so he doesn’t have too much time on his hands. That is, after all, how we got the Night Train adventures. For all your characters’ sakes, keep him occupied!

LiveSheet: Bring Characters to Life on Your iPad

LiveSheet Savage Worlds Character Sheet for iPadsAlexander Winn has released LiveSheet, an iPad character sheet for Savage Worlds. If you’ve got an iPad, you really ought to go check it out—it looks pretty slick.

Did we mention that Alexander is apparently a very nice man? That’s right, he’s released it for free. I suspect you still have to provide your own iPad, though. There are limits.

Melvin Smif’s Birthday Present for You!

Melvin Smif's GeekeryMel Smif’s Geekery is celebrating Mel Smif’s birthday by giving you presents! Be sure to check out the Pitch Me a Game Birthday Contest for your chances to win.

That’s right, I said “chances.” He’s running two contests at the same time, with two separate prizes. The prize for the best Deadlands adventure pitch is a Savage Worlds Deluxe Explorer’s Edition signed and personalized for the winner by our own Shane Hensley!

Don’t delay—start celebrating and writing today!