Shocking Shaken Shake-Up!

Savage Worlds Rules UpdateWe’re changing a rule, and it’s a change we think you’ll be happy with. As Clint explains in his post on the Pinnacle Forum, you no longer need a raise on your Spirit roll to recover fully from being Shaken.

“At the beginning of their action, a Shaken character makes a Spirit roll to recover. On a failure, he remains Shaken. On a success, the character removes their Shaken condition and may take their action normally.”

Join in at the Pinnacle Forum for on-going discussions of this rules change and virtually everything else Savage Worlds.


Deadlands Goodies Galore!

The Tombstone Seven Pregenerated Characters for Deadlands: ReloadedHave you been sittin’ there with a twitch in your shoppin’ trigger finger? It’s shootin’ time, big hoss, because a whole train load of good stuff just pulled in for Deadlands—some of it’s even free!

The Weird West is a bad place to get lost, whether you’re a tinhorn or the dustiest saddle tramp around. Keep your bearin’s with new Deadlands Poster Maps. The printed copies are 24″ x 30″ in double-sided full-color, ready to use with dry-erase, wet-erase, or even so-called permanent marker! You can preorder those today or get the individual PDF versions immediately!

Speakin’ of maps, you can get the Stone and a Hard Place Map Pack for free! That’s a download of all the big maps from the Stone and a Hard Place Plot Point Campaign, ready for you to use however you darn well see fit. You’re the Marshal.

With all those new places, a man might get to feelin’ a might lonely. Don’t—get yourself a copy of The Tombstone Seven and surround yourself with an assorted crowd ready for the wide Weird West, but especially suited for Stone and a Hard Place! Each of this varied cast of characters is illustrated by Hugo award winning artist Cheyenne Wright and totally ready to go.

Now with all that goodness just for you, don’t go worryin’ about the other boot a-droppin’. Well, you might worry a little, and always watch your back, amigo…

Pinnacle Tuesday Update Changes Could Win You $100

Pinnacle Tuesday E-MailOh, I hear what you’re about to say. “I don’t see anything different about the Tuesday Update? What are you talkin’ about?”

Well, that’s true. The changes are on the e-mailed version.

That’s right, we’ll send the Tuesday web updates directly to your e-mail box. All you’ve got to do is sign up!

We’ve got the new look down—just take a gander at last week’s e-mail—but we’ve never really had a good name for it. That’s where you come in. Jot down your best ideas for the name of our weekly e-mail and send them to Jodi. We’ll pick the one we like the best, and the winner gets $100 credit for the Pinnacle web store.

Buy yourself some PDFs, print products, custom Bennies, t-shirts, dice—whatever you want. Heck, you can even apply that $100 to the shipping costs, so all our international friends might want to jump in on this one!

Get your names in by May 22 and stay tuned. We’ll be announcing the winner on May 26!

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Spanish Savage Worlds

Savage Worlds en EspanolWe’re mucho happio* to announce HT Publishers as our official translators for Savage Worlds products into Spanish. We’re pretty sure they’re happy about it in their announcement, too, but we don’t really speak Spanish—that’s why we need the translators, you see.

For all of our Spanish-speaking amigos out there, keep your eyes open for more Spanish Savage Worlds products in the future!

* I think now you can see why we didn’t hire me to do our Spanish translation. I would’ve been muy embarassado…**
** Yes, I actually do know what I just said. That’s the joke. My humor is complex.

Catch the Deadlands Noir Radio Show!

Savage Worlds on the WebBring the gritty streets of Deadlands Noir to life in your very ears! Audio Avatar has just released the first installment of their Deadlands Noir Radio ShowEpisode 1: Nose Ferrets!

It’s not a game recording. It’s a full-fledged, 22-minute radio drama. You should definitely give it a listen.

While many of you might not even notice, we try to keep it fairly PG around the web site. There’s a little cursing in there, and it may be a tad on the not-safe-for-work side. Then again, most of us probably don’t want our coworkers listening to us listen to a Noir-era radio drama with vampires in it in the first place…

Fabulous Fan License Finds!

Savage Worlds Fan License ProjectsSure, we’re workin’ our tails off to put out more Savage Worlds stuff, but we’re not alone—you guys are hard at work under the Savage Worlds Fan License, too!

We ran across a whole set of Figure Flats for Slipstream from Chad Jones. The tri-fold set features both male and female versions of Akwasians, Aridians, Drell, Equines, and several other of the less-illustrated races. Even if you’re not playing Slipstream now, you’ve got to give them a look-over if you’re a fan of Figure Flats.

There’s also a Deadlands Marshal Screen by Shane McKinley. This screen includes art from both Visionary Comics and Pinnacle (both by permission), 5″ x 7″ sizes (apparently well-suited to self-printing or in DVD cases), and full letter-sized versions. Seriously, you’ve got to check it out today.

Keep up the good work, folks. We’re constantly impressed with your creations!