Dead Men Walking to the Cackler’s Challenge!

The Cackler's ChallengeThere’s a little more than a week left for the Dead Men Walking Kickstarter duo, and we’re kicking it up a notch with the Cackler’s Challenge—if we get 500 or more total backers for the Cackler Graphic Novel, everyone who backed the Stone and a Hard Place Kickstarter will get three special Stretch Goals! You know what they say about a rising tide floating all dead men’s boats,* right?

What’s the mysterious Cackler offering you, a backer of the Stone and a Hard Place Kickstarter, for your support?

  • First, you get a brand-spankin’ new set of Deadlands Reloaded Game Master Screen Inserts with gorgeous art from the main game, from the Cackler Graphic Novel, and from Stone and a Hard Place.
  • Second, we’ll release a special supplement from Matt Cutter, author of Stone and a Hard Place and Deadlands Brand Manager, called The Lone Killers of the Southwest. You’ll get stats and adventure seeds for notorious outlaws Black Bart, Clay Allison, “Deacon” Jim Miller, Dave Rudabaugh, and John Wesley Hardin!
  • Third, you get your hands on the rumored killer adventure that Shane runs exclusively at certain conventions where gamers have voluntarily signed up for mayhem and abuse—Dead Men Walking. Originally released for Deadlands Classic long ago, it’s been updated for Deadlands Reloaded but never published. Now Shane’s little secret—with the highest TPKs** of any adventure he’s run or published—can be yours. It’s worth the bloody price of admission!

So, help us spread the word. Pledge the Cackler Graphic Novel Kickstarter if you’ve not already, drum up your friends, recruit the neighbors, and hit the voting rolls of the dead.*** Beat the grinning goon’s challenge, and these fantastic awards join the ones you’ve already unlocked!

While we think everyone who likes Deadlands is going to want the Cackler Graphic Novel, too, here’s a few quick reasons why. You get to be in on the ground floor of something that will change the world of Deadlands for years to come in a 100+ page graphic novel written by Shane brought to life by legendary artist Bart Sears and colorist Michael Atiyeh. You get Deadlands Reloaded game statistics for the Cackler, his relics, and his goons, an original illustrated feature of the day that the Cackler and Stone met. You get the exclusive Doomtown Joker featuring the Cackler himself. Get it all, and get it today! Be sure to check out the Cackler previews available right now if you need any more encouragement.

* Okay, they don’t say that. But you get the idea. Two deaders rising together will be more dangerous and exciting than two rising separately….
** That’s Total Party Kills for those of you lucky enough not to have had one.
*** I’m not sure why, but the undead have really good polling numbers among Chicago voters….

Support the Savage Worlds Extra Life Team 2015!

Savage Worlds Extra Life TeamWe all know that Savage Worlds is great for a scary game, but you get to walk away at the end of the night. Sometimes, people don’t have that luxury. Children’s Miracle Network treats thousands of children—regardless of their ability to pay—for scary things of their own, things that they don’t get to leave at the table. And that’s worth our support as a community.

Since 2008, Extra Life has sponsored a gaming fund-raiser for the Children’s Miracle Network. This year, Dale Meier is spearheading a Savage Worlds Extra Life team, and he could use your help—as a publisher, a player, GM or fan, there’s something you can do.

Check out the Savage Worlds Extra Life Team Facebook page for full details.

  • Whether you’re a player in Omaha hoping to meet up with Dale, want to put together an on-line or local event of your own, or just want to know how you can join in, the information for you is right there. How you help—and what sort of game you choose to help with—is entirely up to you. Sign up today!
  • If you’re a publisher, this is a chance you can’t beat. You can support the drive with demo games to reach fans both new and old, offer prize support, or get involved in many other ways. Check the Savage Worlds Extra Life Team page for contact details and other ways you can get involved. Pledge your support as early as possible!

While the 24-hour main event kicks off at 8:00 am Central Time, Saturday, November 7, the fundraising need is year-long. For more details, be sure to visit the Savage Worlds Extra Life Team, Extra Life, or Children’s Miracle Network, and don’t forget to sign up to participate.

Gamers Helping Gamers in Memory of Tammy Mansfield

Gamers Helping Gamers in Memory of Tammy MansfieldBattlefield Press‘ Jonathon Thompson lost his girlfriend a few days ago to an unexpected heart attack. While none of us can change the personal loss, we can certainly do something about the unexpected expenses.

You’re a generous crowd, but nobody’s asking you to donate out the goodness we know is in your hearts—they’re offering you a phenomenal bundle deal to thank you for your generosity.

The Gamers Helping Gamers: In Memory of Tammy Mansfield Bundle is nearly $400 worth of games and supplements for only $30. With games from at least ten different publishers, the bundle spans prehistory to the furthest reaches of space. Check it out for full details, get a great deal, and help a fellow gamer through a trying time. How can you lose?

Live Larger Than Life for Savage Worlds

Larger Than Life: American Tall Tales KickstarterAmerica has a folklore all its own, with heroes, villains, and legends alike. Larger Than Life aims to bring all those tall tales to your gaming table, ready to go!

You’ll get pirates and soldiers, lumberjacks and steel drivers, mountain men and lawmen, cowboys and Indians, and inventors and eccentrics of all sorts. While most of them were born in the 18th and 18th centuries, legends are timeless and tales these tall cast a long shadow through the ages. Pulp, superheros, fantasy, and even science fiction can use more cow bell, especially when it’s a few stories tall off Babe the Big Blue Ox!

Larger Than Life features characters from Blackbeard the Pirate to Paul Bunyan the giant lumberjack to Nikola Tesla, the man who invented the 20th century! Each comes with a detailed history and character sheets. You also get all the information you need for related people, outlaw gangs, logging crews, and even ships!

Be sure to check out the Larger Than Life Kickstarter today—these tall tales are on a tight timeline, and you’ve only got until Saturday to stake your claim in the frontiers of the imagination of our past!

Join Cast of Cards on the Enchanted Isle

Cast of Cards: The Enchanted IsleCast of Cards: Monsters of the IsleCast of Cards: Village of the IsleCast of Cards takes their Savage Worlds character decks to the Enchanted Isle, a land of fantasy where battles have been waged into the deep past for dominion.

The Enchanted Isle introduces you to the classic heroes and villains of the Isle, the Wild Cards who will stand toe-to-toe against evil…or your players. From the Giantslayer to the First King, the Cleric to the Renegade, and all the things in between, meet 17 of the Enchanted Isle’s finest.

Monsters of the Isle brings you face-to-face with the non-human inhabitants of the Isle, some of whom have far longer claim to the land than you can imagine. You’ll meet giants, firbolgs, and fomorians of all descriptions, from fighting man to royalty!

Village of the Isle  will let you meet the downtrodden villagers of a town surrounded by war, just looking to get on with their lives as their normal toils are interrupted by secrets and dangers few care to discover. Get to know the people who are seldom remembered as the source of skills and information that they possess, covering seventeen professions and positions from farmer, baker, and smith to the less savory gaoler, drunk, and tavern dancer. Oh, and don’t forget the tax collector, because he’s not going to forget you….

Be sure to check out the full line of Cast of Cards on DriveThruRPG. You can get Freebie Pack 2 and the original Freebie Pack for nothing, and all the other cards are available as PDFs or dry-erase marker-ready cards! There’s never been an easier way time to make your game prep better.